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On their way out, Brian leaves a sign at the entrance of Wiltshire Estates that reads: "ALL DEAD DO NOT ENTER." Ironically, the sign that the future Governor creates alerts Rick to the dangers of Wiltshire Estates.

Brian and his group, led by Philip, make their way to Atlanta through wrecks and zombies.

His atrocity and brutal terror towards Rick's group has lingered with them to date.

Prior to his arrival at Woodbury, Brian Blake was nothing like the villain he would become.

During this time Brian usually shies away from combat situations.

He typically hunkers down with Penny while Philip and Nick shoot and slay zombies.

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Brian Blake, better known as Philip Blake or by his epithet "The Governor", is a main character and an antagonist first encountered in Issue 27 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead, as well as the protagonist of The Governor Special.As the Governor, Brian drowned in self induced psychopathy.He became convinced that only the Phillip Blakes of society could make it in the world and that the Brians were destined to die.They find a temporary safe haven with the Chalmers family in an apartment in Atlanta.David, Tara, and April Chalmers are traveling musicians who are eking out a living in the first floor of an apartment building.

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